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When needing money for KPOP merch... 

  • Friend:  Do you have anything you can sell?
  • Me: soul? ._.

i got tired of doing one name per thing so i did it all in one….hope you don’t mind! 

(either you guys really like your name or you want this giveaway up bahaha….i’ll go work on it now! bahahhaa*) 

F(x) - Electric Shock Inspired Nails dedicated to yoseobsessed

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yoseobsessed asked:
Mmmm, not sure if this is possible, but if we sent in an entry with an artist you're a fan of since we didn't know about not sending so-and-so's song, could redo that entry? Maybe that is too much work for you though? >////<

lol whether or not you sent a song didn’t affect your poster claim. lol

poster claims were based on first come first serve =P

the songs were just cuz i wanted some new music to added to my collection. i didn’t decline claims if you recommended songs i already heard lol