I’ve been on tumblr daily….but because I don’t have anything on queue….i don’t wanna fill my blog up with answers to questions in my inbox….SORRY! 

(Maybe i should go back to queuing 200+ posts =P …it makes answering inbox more convenient if i wnana do it on my phone lmao) 

anyhoo….just wanted to let you know i’m still alive bahaha…work has been busy and my cousin and nephew came to visit for a few days (but they’re leaving today T-T) so i haven’t really been online much anyways xD 

I’m just gonna answer some questions/update you guys real quick….

regarding may giveaway…everything is ready and in stock except for the baby ghost earrings….as soon as those arrive at their location, they’ll ship everything out to me ^____^ 

@anon …to send a link…you have to send me fanmail (which can’t be done anonymously….)or you can add parentheses around your periods (…like this tumblr(.)com =D)

@nony i’ve seen your image and loved it <3 I’ll have to make you a fansign real soon to show my appreciation ^___^

regarding poster giveaway….i’ve received everyone’s addresses so I’ll try to package them all next week and mail them out asap ^___^ 

as soon as i ship out posters…i’ll post up the shinee sherlock poster set giveaway =]