srirachii asked:
Again, THANKS SO MUCH for giving me your tickets. I hope you had as much fun as I did. :DDDD

omg…i had soooo much fun! touched my biases …and more and hotel was awesome cuz i ran into them soooo many times and my biggest regret was waiting for the elevator with b2st…cuz they were on my floor….and all i said was “hi” *awkward wave* ….like what is wrong with me OTL …….we like stood in silence for a good 3-5 mins waiting for the elevator….. ajskdglaksdgjalsdgdjahj i fail as a fan….*SOBS* i might’ve been able to get a handshake or hug alkegdajlgkjsgd OTL 

exo-inspirit asked:
Oh, the message was just about the changed of my old account url to this one. Are you planning on sending packages soon? I feel like some may have forgotten.

can you tell me which ones are yours? bahahah i’ll send them out when i get your address. since i’m done with my exam… and after posting about waiting on people…. 

i’ve honestly just been waiting for people to send em their address again and the posters they cuz now i’m free to mail it out ^_^

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Anonymous asked:
Zelo or Kris?


kris can fly ;D

but even if he couldn’t…i’d still pick zelo! =P

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hhyunae asked:
Can you check out my blog? Its kpop anime and monochrome^~^

Its still fairly new? o.O or maybe I can’t find the next page arrow lmao

But followed! ^____^ 

I seriously love monochromatic blogs…… so tempted to make one myself! <3

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echomoon asked:
if it was song lyrics how many lines would you want and would it have to be kpop related because the opening verse to blood in the water by samanthaj221 seems like it would make a cool edit or something idk but its a song based off of sherlock so...

lmao any 

i just need lyrics + character/otp

its cuz i lack creativity OTL so if you guys can just push me in the right direction…it would be lovely <3

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crystalhyung asked:
omigosh which ritsuko okazaki song(s) do you have on your itunes?!?! hardly anyone i know listens to her stuff

lol honestly not much bahah… just a couple of OST songs lol 


shiningclouds asked:
Hi! I've followed you for some times but I don't have the courage to talk to you... >.<

lol why?! i swear i don’t bite!!!! 

honestly i’m too afraid of being mean to people…. please don’t be afraid to talk to me.

though its understandable… i can be awkward and have no idea what to talk about… OTL 

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honeyniel asked:
Was your birthday recently? If so Happy Birthday! Or does this not count. Sorry.

lol no. my birthday was ages ago. 

i’m just feeling bitter. xD

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buxiban asked:
1.2 K?

high high i’m so high~ 

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shipal asked:
600-700 followers? O:

a wee bit more xP

michiinyeoja asked:
Mary-tan ;u;

HEY! ^______^ how are you!?

btw…i love your blog <3 how do you have such a beautiful blog OTL

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Anonymous asked:
rafflecopter says the giveaway ends in an hour? is that when it ends? :o

i guess so…. should i extend it a day? o.O

i extended it a day =]

baba-tuan asked:
I'm going to feel really stupid for asking but I just want to make sure... for the giveaway, are we aiming for the things that are in the picture? Like, the albums and stuff?

you can get whatever you what lmao…. you can even select other sites if you prefer ^_^ 

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Anonymous asked:
Hi! For the giveaway, if we are not allowed to reblog the giveaway then what do we reblog? just any posts on your tumblr??

you reblog the giveaway….

where did you get the idea that you can’t reblog the giveaway? xD 

you can reblog up to 5 times per day and each day rafflecopter allows you to enter each of those reblogs as an entry =] the more entries you’ve entered…the more points you get…the more points you have…the points are equivalent to reblogs….. it just makes it easier for me to select a winner…since I don’t want to collect names in a spreadsheet and i didn’t want to have another notes porblem xD 

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Anonymous asked:
Is tumblr eating our messages again ;-;

did u send me a message? o.O 

(man….tumblr really makes me feel unloved >.<)