Going to bed now =P 

Regarding the Poster Giveaway from June 1st….. Please send in your addresses! 

Include the poster number that you claimed so that I can double check my list =]

Also, IF I DO NOT REPLY IMMEDIATELY….it does not mean I didn’t receive it….I might be busy at work and haven’t gotten a chance to reply xD (I have like 100+ reblogs queued… please don’t think I’m on and ignoring you =P)

Actually…fill out this form and send it to me! 

Tumblr URL Name: (Your Tumblr Account since I’ll be checking my list. eg. marybuhberry)
Name & Address: (INCLUDE YOUR REAL NAME!  Make sure the address is the way it would appear on mail…..if you do not receive you poster….it is not my fault! (If you send fanmail….write it as it would appear…..if you askbox it….add (first line/second line/third line/etc.))
Claimed Poster(s) #: (This does not mean how many you claimed…but the actual number eg. #44 - SUJU)

You have one week to send in your addresses. =] (If I don’t receive your address, then your poster will go back up for other people to claim)