So I’m going to see BAP in LA …. But can someone explain which tickets would be the better one to get? Pit floor or VIP balcony?
I’m sooo confused … I want the best one!

Has anyone been to a concert at club Nokia?

  1. missruthless said: That’s what im wondering too. I would think Pit tickets would be better. but then again i havent been to Club Nokia before
  2. subsquishy said: If you do pit floor, I heard it’s better to do VIP pit. It’s only twenty bucks more, but you get to go in first. That’s what I might do, but idk if I want to get close and intimate with other fans all up on me.
  3. toastersaurus said: i guess it would be better to get seats closer to the front because it is not well elevated..
  4. galaxyifans said: yeah i have =) pretty small venue, so the sound travels really well! :)
  5. daeunwego said: Pit is always better, but be prepared to be shoved and stepped on.
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