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Also looking for Woohyun she’s back A4!!!!!

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I seriously can’t get over INSOO with CORNROWS! ….why did they bring it back!!!! it should’ve been one of those times when you look back and think…'those were dark times'  like wtf….. it didn’t look good then….it doesn’t look good now…. OTL

I love you insoo… but no. just no.

Selling Infinite’s Leaping Over DVD! 


My friend really needs money as soon as possible because she has a trip coming up and desperately needs money for it! 

She’s hoping to sell Leaping Over for $70!

If you’re interested, then please message me or email me at!

Daniel wins appeal 


DMTN‘s Choi Daniel, who appealed his one-year jail sentence for usage and distribution of marijuana, received the good news that his appeal had been approved.

On February 11, Judge Kim Joo Hyun of the Seoul High Court changed Daniel’s one year jail sentence to three years probation. He said…

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recap of 2013: caffè latte art | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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Yixing dancing to ‘Gee’

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exo-inspirit asked:
welcome back girlie! hope everything has been well c:

thanks!!!! ^____^

I think i’m gonna do giveaway in celebration of my “return” bahahahahhaha

it’ll probably be got7 since i just bought a bunch of their albums xD #ihaveaproblem

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soo… its been forever since i’ve been officially “back” to reblogging and stuff…

i slightly feel lost bahhaha. i dont remember what i would reblog and so my page is a mess…. bhahahahah

BTW i’m really into GOT7 now too…. but i dont seem to ever have them on my dash xD

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Jongdae you adorable human being

Jongdae you adorable human being


Every song is amazing! B1A4 daebak


when you’re having an argument with someone and you run out of words to say